About Us

CrossFit Wide Open is a strength and conditioning facility that offers a general physical preparedness (GPP) program suitable for athletes, children, seniors and everyone in between.

Our program is based on constantly varied functional movements performed at a high intensity which promotes increased fitness levels in all athletic endeavors.

CrossFit Wide Open is more than just a gym where people come to workout, we are a family. We have members of all ages and abilities, hailing from different places and backgrounds, with varied fitness levels and experience, but we all have one common goal – to be the best we can be!

We are Crossfitters and we believe in FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT! Functional movements are actions that we as human beings perform everyday. We run, we squat, we climb stairs, we pick up things and carry them. Our goal is to make our athletes more functional human beings, so that no matter what obstacles they come across in life they will be equipped and ready to endure and overcome.

This is why we come together day after day tackling new challenges and continually trying to improve on what we did the previous day. We try to run a little faster, row a little harder, lift a little more, climb a little higher and leave it all on the mat! You never know what life is going to throw at you, but as Crossfitters we work hard to be sure we’re READY FOR ANYTHING!


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